Your MYo Project

The MYo Project belongs to you!

Whether you are a school, college or youth group, a parent or a carer, we will work together to create a bespoke package that suits your needs. This can take many forms and include anyone and everyone who is involved with children and young people. As a school you may have a specific cohort in mind – for example, Year 11 to help with exam stress or a group of SEND students to develop strategies to manage specific conditions. We can even provide parent and staff sessions to maximise the impact for the children.

The six, eight and twelve week programmes comprise of:

  • Mindfulness meditations and techniques
  • Yoga sessions
  • The scientific evidence
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxation techniques
  • How to be mindful in everyday life
  • Recognising and measuring progress

Each group or individual is unique and requires a personalised approach; sessions will be evaluated and adapted as we progress through the programme.  In addition to this we can measure the impact using a variety of assessment methods.

Other ideas for your MYo Project…

Perhaps an introductory workshop as part of an enrichment programme would be a good place to start or you may want to provide ongoing yoga sessions for staff to promote well-being. Anything is possible and all suggestions are welcome!

Get in touch if you would like to discuss how The MYo Project can work for you!