The Benefits

Well, some of the benefits…

Physical & Medical

Develops a strong and flexible body, increases balance, body awareness and coordination. Posture and alignment are improved along with digestion, circulation and elimination. In addition to this yoga promotes better sleep and strengthens the immune system.

Social, Emotional & Mental Health

Mind/body connection is strengthened aiding self-regulation, decision making and emotional resilience. Regular practice develops a clear and calm mind; thoughts, words and actions become more mindful and mounting evidence suggests that anxieties can be significantly reduced. Confidence, self-respect and self –esteem are increased allowing children to develop a positive sense of self and feel comfortable in their own skin. Additionally, increased empathy creates harmony and cohesion within school and the wider community.

Cognition & Learning

Increased levels of concentration, retention and focus are often reported in children who regularly practice yoga and mindfulness. Positive neural pathways are created, developed and sustained, encouraging a growth mindset.    Furthermore, it stimulates creativity, individuality and self-expression – elements that help maximise academic achievement.

Communication & Interaction

Research shows an increased ability to manage communication anxiety, developing active listening skills and the capability to consciously choose words. Vocabulary acquisition and language development is supported by the experiential and multi-sensory nature of mindfulness and yoga sessions – connecting movement to words, using visual cues, imagery and visualisation.